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Start Your Own Dry Cleaning Service – Without A Dry Cleaning Store

Posted on 21 April 2018 by admin (0)

Start Your Own Dry Cleaning Service – Without A Dry Cleaning Store

Have you ever thought about starting up a business of your own?

Well, if you have, you know there is a whole lot involved, especially if you wanted to set up shop with a brand new dry cleaning store in your city.

With the startup cost of any business being so sky high, it makes you wonder how anyone could possibly pull it off!

Let’s take a look at all of the things you need to set things up.

First of all, you’re gonna need to find a location that will have plenty of parking and plenty of foot traffic to get people in your store. Rents for commercial buildings can be astronomical and many owners price it out by the square footage with the common price being about $125 a square foot. So, a building with 2000 square feet is gonna cost you about $2500 a month.

Then you got the cost of all the equipment, dry cleaning machine, washers, dryers, pressors, railing, hangers, counters, computers, and even the smallest of items quickly add up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Then, you have to tack on taxes, insurance costs, utilities and all the other little things like boxes, hangers, tags, labels and even your dry cleaning software for your computer.

After you get things up and running, you then have to hire employees and go through all the added expense of that.

I know this is all just a giant estimate but when it’s all said and done, you’re probably gonna be forking over $500,000 to get things started smoothly.

Ain’t too many folks who have the credit or cash on hand to start a dry cleaning store with that.

What If I Told You You Could Start Your Own Dry Cleaning Business With Less Than $20,000?

How is that possible you ask?


Start your own mobile dry cleaning business and buy yourself a small commercial van.

That’s it.

Who says you have to have all of the equipment, the storefront, the staff, or even the damn hangers to start your own dry cleaning service?

Here’s how you do it. Begin to market your business online like a house cleaning starts doing to get their name out and get customers calling. You can also visit business offices where potential dry cleaning customers use dry cleaning and offer a mobile dry cleaning service alternative.

People these days are in a constant hurry and pay premiums to save time.

Funny, people think uber produced a ride-sharing service but what it did, in reality, was to save people TIME.

You will be saving people time from having to go out to the actual store. You’ll save them time from having to wait in line to pick up their clothes.

People will pay a premium to save time.

So, where do you get that the dry cleaning done?


At the any of the dry cleaning stores already in business in your town! Do you think those dry cleaning shops are even going to care that you just dropped a big pile of dresses, that aren’t even yours, that need to be dry cleaned on the counter?

Of course not!

What is the difference for them?

Seriously? What?

Say they charge $9.00 for a dress. You can charge your customers $11.00 to dry clean that dress you picked up and are eventually going to deliver right to their hand.

Net profit – $2.00

Now, imagine doing that over and over again. Imagine building a clientele that constantly needs their clothes delivered.

The possibility is endless, especially if you live in a huge city!

All this would cost you is the cost of a used commercial van that you can have hangers rails into it. You’ll need a business license. You’ll need some fuel from time to time and that’s it.

I know there will be a bunch of details like dealing with missing and lost items, dealing with complaints, your labeling and packaging but all that is just a bunch of minor details that can be ironed out later on.

The sole purpose of this post is to help you brainstorm a way to get into the dry cleaning business without having to unload close to half a million dollars into it.