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Find Extra Streams Of Revenue With Dry Cleaning

Posted on 24 April 2018 by admin (0)

More Ways To Make Cash With Your Dry Cleaning Store

If you are in the dry cleaning business you know that there are times when things can get really slow. People are not bringing in their pants their suits their shirts and dresses as often as you would like them to and this, of course, means lower revenues for your little shop.

Things can get a little tight since the cost of rents the cost of electricity is also water the cost of soaps and materials and labor all remain the same.

Right here I’m going to share a few things that can help you generate a few extra bucks when things get tight.

Start washing towels for hair salons.

You probably don’t even know this but hair salons go through towels like you can’t even imagine. They have to use them for every single client that comes into their shop. I have personally seen a fairly large scale hair salon actually blow through 500 hand towels in a single month.

What this means is that they need their towels washed pretty much every single day. For hairstylist, this starts to turn into a massive headache. They get burned out and tired of doing it. When there are multiple hairdressers they often argue about whose turn it is to wash the towels.

And if for some reason, they forget to wash them all hell breaks loose.

So one of the things that you can do to start generating a few extra bucks of Revenue is to go out in offering a salon till washing and drying service. You’d be surprised at the number of salons that will actually take you on with the offer.

And Hell, you could charge them anywhere from $0.25 to $0.50 for washing a towel.

Start offering dry cleaning pick-up livery service.

Do you have any idea what type of time we are living in?

We are now living in the time when everything is about saving time.

The reason uber has been so successful is not just because people got fed up with cabs and the filth inside of them but because people were saving a tremendous amount of time waiting for a cab.

You can whip out your phone open up your app and have someone pick you up within minutes.

The same is holding true with some hair salons now that are booking appointments for haircuts with apps. Who the hell wants to sit inside a hair salon reading boring magazines waiting to get a haircut for 20 minutes?

People pay to save time. And they pay premium prices!

Get out and try it out and test the market. Rent a small commercial van and test and see if the town you live in would actually be open to a delivery service. Say, you normally charge 9 bucks for a dress, you can add $2 or more just to have it delivered and picked up within a certain radius of your store.

If it pans out and it becomes a hit, go grab a delivery van.

Start offering cleaning services for small businesses.

I believe that huge laundry companies out there like Mission, Ameripride, and Aramark all started by washing the smallest of things for local businesses.

You can start offering the washing of the towels at a car wash, the uniforms of and towels of a janitorial cleaning company and even washing the microfiber towels of the local window washer like this window cleaner in Santa Maria.

Washing the small items of a small business could uncover a small fortune in your town and if it works out, you can use that same dry cleaning delivery van to pick up and deliver their stuff.

There you have it! A few ideas tossed your way to help you generate some more money for your local dry cleaning store.